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Terza Stagione. Quarta stagione. Quinta stagione. Sesta stagione. Settima stagione. Ottava stagione. Simone Veltroni Gabriele Lopez canto. William Salyers. Sam Marin. Gabriele Trentalance s. Jeff Glen Bennett s. Quintel s. Fabrizio Valezano. Janie Haddad. Ughetta d'Onorascenzo. Minty Lewis.

Elena Liberati st. LC copy has parts for canto, alto, tenore, and basso bound in 1 vol. Notated Music Canti spirituali Canti spirituali musical score 29 p. Contributor: Cecchino, Tomaso - Appresso G.

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Vincenti Date: Paolo Colonna. For double chorus and organ figured bass. Title from canto primo choro part. The parts for canto primo choro, canto secondo choro, alto primo choro, alto secondo choro, tenore primo choro, tenore secondo choro, basso primo choro, and basso secondo choro. Purchase; no. Contributor: Oliver Ditson - Donizetti Date: Notated Music Motetti op. Contributor: Colonna, Giovanni Paolo Date: For voice and piano. Also available in digital form on the Library of Congress Web site. English words with interlineal Italian words. Unmediated Form. Volume Form.

Twenty-five madrigals for canto, alto, tenore, basso, and quinto. Index by the first line of last page of canto and quinto part. The parts for canto, tenore, alto, basso, and quinto in one volume. Notated Music Il primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci Title from canto part.

Parts for canto, tenore, alto, basso and quinto bound in one volume. Contributor: Beames, Clare W. Contributor: Oliver Ditson Date: Notated Music Di Iacobo Peetrino. Il primo libro del Ivbilo di S. A tre et qvattro voci. For voices. The voice parts for each composition appear one below another on each page. Part of the words in Latin, part in Italian.

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Dedicatory epistle dated ; imprint date changed in manuscript. Title within ornamental border. Includes a setting of the text Jesu dulcis memoria, also known as the Jubilus rithmicus de amore Jesu of Saint Bernard de Clairvaux. Contributor: Bernard - Peetrinus, Jacobus Date: Secondo libro. Parts for canto, tenore, alto, basso, and quinto bound in one vol. Notated Music I Cinque Pennies sheet music 16p.

Articles by: Letizia Airos soria

On cover: a photograph of Louis Armstrong and Danny Kaye. Sheet Music Form.

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Contributor: Edizioni Curci Date: Notated Music O! Contributor: Mercadante, S. Notated Music Tremolo Sheet Music. Contributor: G. Willig, Jr. Von - Monreal, G. Notated Music A soprano's duet book : 10 masterwork duets from the Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods for soprano and another voice Duets for soprano and tenor, baritone or bass voice with piano; in part with optional instruments.

English, German, Italian, French and Latin words; non-English words also printed separately as text with English translations. Includes historical and performance notes in English and IPA pronunciation guides. Includes bibliographical references page Notated Music Adieu! Romanza Sheet Music. Contributor: Rondinella, P.

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Notated Music Love and fidelity, brilliant cavatina Sheet Music. Contributor: Benedict, Julius - Samuel C. Jollie Date: Notated Music. Luigi Donadio. For unaccompanied voice. Italian words.

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Birch - Mozart, W. Contributor: Wm.

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Hall and Son - Pucitta, Vincenzo Date: Contributor: Wallace, Wm. Notated Music Il secondo libro de le Muse e cinqve voci composto da diversi eccellestissimi musici, con uno madregale a sei di Giouan Nasco, et con doi dialoghi a otto.

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Secondo libro de le Muse e cinque voci composto da diversi eccellestissimi musici, con uno madregale a sei di Giuan Nasco, et con doi dialoghi a otto Italian words. Notated Music Canto ecclesiastico facile della settimana santa del P. Illuminato da Torino Contributor: Catholic Church - Illuminato Date: Notated Music Madrigals, voices 6 book 3 musical score 5 parts ; 23 cm.