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Ron accepts. Bill scores the decisive goal during his first match and Mary agrees to go on a second date. When Petrovich was younger, he was a locksmith.

To truly understand your diamond’s visual beauty, you need to understand its Light performance.

A childhood friend of his, Charlie Choke, got into shady business while Petrovich married and settled with his wife. One day, Charlie asked Petrovich to help him rob a bank. Petrovich accepted because it was easy money, but things took a wrong turn: Charlie said guards were coming, pushed Petrovich in the then empty vault, where he got locked in. Petrovich heard a shot, thought Charlie was wounded and maybe even dead. Petrovich was arrested. He confessed about cracking the safe and went to jail but he did not say a word about Charlie.

His wife left him at the time. Police investigated to know where the money was but she didn't have any.

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  5. At level 7, Petrovich's ex-wife calls him, says she is coming home and wants to see him. He then learns that his ex-wife actually wants him to participate in another robbery. Bill manages to dig up information on her: she came to town with Petrovich's old friend. Petrovich concludes they lied to him and have been together this whole time, spending the money they stole.

    He decides to catch them red-handed: he will lure them into the bank where the police will catch them. Things go according to plan and the two lovers are arrested. They confess to framing Petrovich years before. Watson Holmes says Petrovich's first conviction will be erased from his record. Fernando has told you that you have now unlocked styled furniture!

    Under the Stars

    He says that your cafe will become even more beautiful than it already is with a style to it. The styles are:. After getting the results, Fernando says its up to you. You can look at the catalog, and even experiment with one or two items from a style. After fulfilling all his requests, he compliments on how much better your cafe looks. You meet new customer - young DJ named Cleo. Ann points that Ron suddenly took interest in fashion magazines.

    Ron admits that he has a crush in Cleo, and wants you to tell her it. If you have this recipe already, talk to Ron, and then to Cleo, who agrees to date him. When you see her again, Cleo wants to continue their relationship, but Ron is less than pleased. He reveals you that Cleo behaves strange, what makes Ron afraid of loosing his authority as a football team captain.

    Diamond Loch Christmas Lights Display

    Next time when you see Cleo, she is very sad by Ron's rejection. She admits that she has a problem with speaking nonsense when excited. You advise her to ask for Margaret's help. Margaret agrees if you either pay her diamonds, or prepare Croissant with Cream for her. Next time you see Margaret, she hints that Cleo would rather die than say anything foolish. Cleo reveals that Margaret used to threw knives near her, while Cleo answered to Bill's questions.

    Origin of Green Diamond’s Color

    Nevertheless, that method worked. Then you convince Ron to give the girl another chance, what he reluctantly agrees to. Next time when you see them, Ron is delighted with her transformation, while Cleo is disappointed. She reveals that Ron dated her only because of her external beauty while ignoring her personality and feelings. She states that even if you repair broken cup, the scar remains. Bill needs to work out his courage to talk to Mary. He requires a cup of Tea with Cardamom, Milk and Lemon. When Bill and Mary agree on moving in with each other, the player can decide who will move in with whom.

    About All the Light We Cannot See

    If Mary moves in with Bill, he does not have to worry about moving all of his computer equipment but Mary's cat loves to chew on the cables. If Bill moves in with Mary, the cat will have less to chew on, but the internet connection is slow where Mary lives.

    If the player chooses to have Bill move in with Mary, they will need to convince Margaret to let the cable companies dig up her backyard to implant more cables and allow a faster internet connection.

    She does not allow it at first but will change her mind from either a Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca or 40 diamonds. If the player chooses to have Mary move in with Bill, they need to convince Petrovich with Adrenalino with Guarana or 40 diamonds. In the end, they need to teach the cat to scratch on a scratching post with Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon. Ann states that Koffsky is acting strange. When you ask what happened, he tells you that he left his wallet, and asks you to tell Watson about it.

    When you ask Watson for help, he agrees, but needs your help in exchange. Police dog constantly bites Watson, so you need to give him Americano with Nutmeg and Whipped Cream to tame the dog. He tells you story how he became a policeman. Once he defended a certain waitress, who was attacked in the park. Watson defended the bandit, but instead of taking interest in the girl, he fell in love in paperwork When Watson successfully thanks to dog finds Koffsky's wallet, there is a woman's photo in it.

    Watson recognizes her as a girl whom he rescued once. The girl turns out to be Alice, Koffsky's love. You share this news with Koffsky and suggest both men should talk about it to each other. When you see Koffsky again, he tells you about Watson's odd reaction. Then you talk to Watson, who tells you there's nothing wrong. Then both men leave immediately, even if you didn't realized their orders yet.

    Soon after that Koffsky arrives sometimes we see two Koffskys on the screen simultaneously. He is rude and grumpy.

    Don McLean - Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

    Margaret suggests that he's under scopolamine's influence, but is it only possible reason? After some time, Watson arrives, visibly confused. He doesn't seem to remember what happened after talk with Koffsky. Margaret advices performing hypnosis, what becomes pretext for Watson to ask you to buy a leather couch. Watson needs special order - Rose Tea. During the hypnosis, Watson starts to remember that he was attacked by someone looking like Koffsky.