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There were gnostic groups who literally forbid people from marrying, because they thought that sex and reproduction were inherently evil, because they thought that the material world itself was evil. These gnostics believed that the material world was created by an evil demiurge rather than by God.

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The Catholic view, in contrast, was that the material world was created by God and was inherently good, and so reproduction is not intrinsically evil. By an ahistorical reading of scripture, it seems you have misunderstood to what the sacred author was referring. There is no theological reason why a married individual cannot receive the sacrament of holy orders, nor is there a theological reason why a priest or bishop cannot receive the sacrament of matrimony, and indeed, there have been married bishops in the past.

The current practice against married priests and bishops is a pastoral discipline. According to your view, you would forbid an unmarried person from becoming a bishop? That is ridiculous and absolutely not in line with scriptural intent. To John Chrysostom: I think you have misunderstood that this is speaking about the latter times not the 4th century A. Jer Do they provoke me to anger? Your statement: According to your view, you would forbid an unmarried person from becoming a bishop?

I am not sure you are speaking to me as it is not my view that clergy should be banned from marriage but a belief of the Roman catholic church approved by the Second Lateran Council in , and re-affirmed In , by the Council of Trent.

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So yes, the question was very much directed at you. If you say yes, you are consistent, though it sounds like you might have fallen asleep when you took Greek. If you say no, you are not being consistent at all. We Catholics take scripture very seriously, which means we learn the original languages and we learn the historical contexts before ranting about what the scriptures mean.

These are sacred texts written by God and they deserve no less. Hi Tim, it seems no one has anything more to say here on the subject. You are probably more capable in addressing the topic, as you grew up in the Catholic church. I do appreciate this opportunity to talk to other believers, and would never want to alienate anyone in the Catholic church. Pattis Post.. Nothing else has to be added to the work of Christ. I do take exception to that I take communion in remembrance of Jesus death, and was baptized as a public witness of being born of the Spirit as a result of my faith…NOT because of anything I did…not of works!

They use Father..


Pope waves the hand…bows.. Vatican riddled with criminal past.. Assumption of. Milk first.. I have dealt with the zealotry within denominations who explain away everything till no point is left!

The Life Story of Pastor Erwin Lutzer

Look at past proclamations of Popes.. Tou can say, you are a follower of Jesus Christ. I have never been called a Protestant. I was baptized catholic and do not consider myself catholic. I was born again and will be baptized as an adult because now i know what it means. That i am a follower of Jesus Christ. I want to distance myself from those types of people.

Because of the rampant anti-Catholic stances of many Americans, I disagree with everything the evangelicals stand for. I do not like those people at all. Well Tim, I was raised Catholic and hated it because all I saw was hypocrisy. So I became atheist, and then agnostic.

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Then oneday I ended up in a church to please a girlfriend and realized Jesus was real! I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior and my life has never been the same. I wish the churches would quit arguing. I do agree though that the Catholic church has way too many man made traditions outside of the Bible for me to ever go back to it.

God bless you sir!


I hope you have a great day! I appreciate your difficulties and your comment. Still, there are some serious issues which should be addressed:. Please note that this is respect. If my goal were polemics, it would by imitating the example of Christ: Unless you eat his flesh and drink his blood you have no life in you.

Why is it that catholic warship mary…. First of all what you say is ignorant and your religion is an off shoot from ours we worship the holy trinity you know father son holy spirit we pray to Mary and saints because we look for guidance on how to be a sinless person like mary. Btw I think it is a great thing how devout you are to Christ and god bless you for it but dont presume your religion is the only right one because you have no right to judge our religion was founded by JESUS and we worship him and his father God or Yahweh his Hebrew name learn a little before you call our practices hocus pocus.

Justian why go through mary for guidance show me in the bible that u go through mary for guidance…. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the only human to walk the earth sinless. No other, not even mother Mary, or the Saints were sinless. But our prayers are heard by God, and we must pray to him.

Brothers and Sisters, truthfully, it is God who answers prayers, not mother Mary. Also, the church itself is not holy, not even the pope. This is verified from historical events such as the Jewish Inquisition, however the Catholic church has changed since , but still, it and Protestant churches are not holy, it is the one who they follow who is Holy. Brothers and sisters in Christ, this is not a rant or a put down of the Catholic church… It is a warning from a fellow christian.

Instead, infactuate your hearts with Jesus Christ and his love.

Repent and pray to Him. Be BAPTIZED as Christ commanded if you can; if for some reason you cannot be baptized, God is all knowing and understanding, so it is most important that you accept him into your heart. You must make sure that the old customs of the church do not overshadow Gods love and his will. Protestants: All christians are brothers and sisters, including Catholic church members.

All people are created equal in the image of God.

Jesus did not found the Protestant churches either, where many of them also have some man made customs, which cannot be allowed to lead to vain worship. Catholics and Protestants must treat eachother with respect and equality, for we are all sinners and many of us are Christians. I say many, instead of all, because there are some of you, protestant and catholic, who have accepted tradition and custom instead of the faith of christianity. Let us not be blinded by our differing customs, but come together as one body of Christ to share his grace and love!

Christ IS the bridge. ONLY Christ the pascal lamb that year was worthy to take on sin. If blood from an animal or just any blood was sufficient, there would be no need for the cross. The only one who can intercede to God is Christ.

The Medic: Claus Lutzer

Saints had sin, how could they possibly be a bridge to God. They were not any better than us! The bible says the Spirit maketh intersession with groanings that cannot be uttered!! Cathlics demonstrate, okay LORD, good job at the cross, but the other sin we will take care of!

The Christian life is that of surrender and obedience. Narrow is the road and hard is the way to eternal life and few who go there in. If we truly make seek, surely we will find Him. He seals those with the Spirit. The bible from beginning to end points to Christ, Our propitiation, our author, our transport in Jesus!